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A Useful Pot to keep things in

Pooh, notoriously, ate the honey in the pot.  Archivists and librarians also take things out of pots, but the literature so far surveyed records no incidence of their consuming the contents.  They remove the contents of pots, rather, for their better conservation.  The pots, however, are not uninteresting, and far too often they have been […]

Ward and Byrom : an insight into Ward as editor

Peterhouse’s Ward Library takes its name from Sir Adolphus William Ward (b. 1837), who was Master from 1900 until his death in 1924.  Ward bequeathed some 5,000 volumes to the Library; however, this did not constitute the entirety of his personal library. The Ward Library has recently been able to procure further volumes from Ward’s […]

Work and play in 1858: the formation of an Indian Civil Servant

Recently acquired by the Ward Library is the undergraduate diary for the calendar year 1858 of Herbert Mills Birdwood (1837–1907) who rose to be Puisne Judge of the High Court, Bombay (1885–92).  The family had strong Indian connections and indeed Herbert Mills was born there.  He was elected to an Honorary Fellowship of the College […]

A lighter side of Ward

It is well known that Adolphus William Ward (1837-1924, Master of Peterhouse from 1900 to 1924) left the bulk of his library to Peterhouse, indeed that his name adorns it, [Fig. 1] and the library also contains eleven boxes of his papers, many of them lecture notes from his days at Manchester. Some of the […]

Ward Library portraits

In addition to a substantial collection and award-winning architecture, the Ward Library also displays artwork depicting Fellows and Masters from Peterhouse. Most appropriately, the Library houses a number of pictures of people who have played a significant role in the history and development of the collection. Thus, situated to the left of the library desk, […]