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A Useful Pot to keep things in

Pooh, notoriously, ate the honey in the pot.  Archivists and librarians also take things out of pots, but the literature so far surveyed records no incidence of their consuming the contents.  They remove the contents of pots, rather, for their better conservation.  The pots, however, are not uninteresting, and far too often they have been […]

Sam Gamgee of Tooting and Sir Ernest Barker’s bicycling crime.

The Ward Library holds a collection of books by and about members of Peterhouse. We recently completed the online cataloguing of well over a hundred books and pamphlets by the historian, Professor Sir Ernest Barker. Many of these were  originally given to the library by his son, Nicolas Barker, in 1977. Ernest Barker (23 September […]