Manuscript addendum

This post presents an addendum to Rodney Thomson’s Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts in the Library of Peterhouse (2016), and records a previously unnoticed manuscript that is bound with one of the College’s printed books. For a fuller history of that volume, given to Peterhouse by John Cosin, see July’s blog post (‘Gold Leaf and Graffiti’).

Professor Thomson’s description of the manuscript is as follows:

Biblia Vulgata II, Fust & Schoeffer, Mainz, 1462.

Parchment; no foliation.  112, 2-310, a singleton.  Catchwords; signatures in the first two quires of the usual late medieval form: a1, a2, a3 &c.

415 × 300 (270 × 225) mm., ruled with crayon in 3 cols of 51 lines.

De Nominibus Hebraicorum.  Aaz apprehendens uel apprehensio … Zuzim consiliantes eos uel consiliatores eorum.  Expliciunt interpretationes bibliotice.  A very usual accompaniment to Vulgate Bibles from c. 1200, usually attrib. to Stephen Langton: Stegmüller, Bibl. 1677, 1; 7708-9.

Written in professional German gothic bookhand influenced by humanistica.  Opening initial in gold with flourishing in purple and green.  Alternating red or blue initials; red or blue paraphs.

First page of MS.

Final page.

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