Library Rule No. 7: Please do not eat … the Library

Peterhouse staff and those students opting to stay in College and study over the vacation have had the opportunity to enjoy a sweeter slice of library life this week following the donation of a Ward Library cake to library staff.

Ward Library as a cake

Ward Library as a cake

The edible Ward Library, fantastic in and of itself, is but a small part of a larger masterpiece commissioned by Peterhouse student Dmitry Kirpichenko for his wife Eloise Davies’ 21st birthday (Eloise is also a Petrean).  An article about the Peterhouse cake, with accompanying pictures, is available to read in the Cambridge News.

The Ward Library portion of the Peterhouse cake is immediately recognisable, bearing close resemblance to its bricks and mortar inspiration.

Ward Library (edible)

Ward Library (edible)


Ward Library (not edible)

Ward Library (not edible)

The attention to detail is wonderful, even including the Theatre/Lubbock Room entrance for out of hours library access for little marzipan students (applications to the Admissions Office).

Ward Library, out of hours entrance

Ward Library, out of hours entrance

If only it were possible to conserve and catalogue the edible Ward Library! Suitably preserved, it would have found a proud home alongside our other, less delectable, architectural models.  Alas, such feats of preservation were beyond us.  Our hand was forced.  We ate the Library.

Let it be known that the Ward Library is not just a memorial to a great past Master.  That it is not simply a bastion of learning.  It’s also really very tasty. Many thanks to Dmitry and Eloise for sharing the cake with us!



  1. Patricia Aske · · Reply


    1. Very cathartic eating it too, for the students who had been working in there all day!

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