The cataloguing project of the rare book collections in the Perne Library is now in its sixth and final year. More than three thousand electronic records have been created and added to the on-line library catalogue, with details about the existing editions and relevant information about individual copies. Along the way, the two cataloguers have […]

In December, the Cambridge Digital Library launched the presentation of a remarkable collection item from the Peterhouse modern archives.  The Whittle Power Jet papers chronicle the development of the turbo-jet engines of the Second World War.  The papers are largely made up of internal communications from within British Thomson-Houston, a company that played a critical […]

Introduction Peterhouse MS.270, is a breviary or small collection of liturgical texts according to the use of Sarum originating from the fourteenth century, probably from East Anglia.  In the recent catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Peterhouse, Rod Thomson describes it thus: “Beautifully written, probably by a single scribe, in formal gothic bookhand, with initials […]

Peterhouse is pleased to announce the publication of ‘A descriptive catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts in the library of Peterhouse, Cambridge’, prepared by Professor R.M. Thomson (author of our earlier post on the ‘Tremulous hand of Worcester’).  This is the first such catalogue since that of M.R. James (1899) and the first catalogue to modern […]

Of the volumes currently housed in The Perne Library at Peterhouse, more than a quarter were bequeathed to the College by its then Master Andrew Perne, at his death in 1589. The majority of these books were printed in the sixteenth century, and it is safe to assume that Andrew Perne (c. 1519 -1589) bought […]

In the hallway of the Ward Library hangs an oil-painting of Professor Peter Guthrie Tait (1831 – 1901), the eyes of which seem to fix each visitor to the library with an intense and quizzical scrutiny. P.G. Tait, illustrious Scottish mathematician and physicist, was apparently an admirable teacher with a strong personality, and some of […]

Peterhouse staff and those students opting to stay in College and study over the vacation have had the opportunity to enjoy a sweeter slice of library life this week following the donation of a Ward Library cake to library staff. The edible Ward Library, fantastic in and of itself, is but a small part of […]